Money Management Workshop

The Taking Control of Your Household FinancesMoney Management Workshop is an essential piece of the “Ongoing Support” phase of our case management services. Once we have already helped the client through their immediate crisis, we can then help him/her to evaluate his/her household situation, empower the client to make better decisions, and follow-thru with the client to make sure he/she is using the tools available.

One time financial assistance simply is not enough to assure a stabilized household going forward: every client needs to be empowered to manage their own household effectively. To help address this unmet need, Catholic Charities Community Services of Dutchess County launched the Taking Control of Your Household Finances and every client that received emergency financial assistance from Catholic Charities has been required to attend a budgeting workshop. The goal of the program is to increase our clients’ basic financial management knowledge and skills with a focus towards household budgeting.

The interactive workshop specifically brings clients together in a supportive environment that teaches them to:

  • Define the difference between needs and wants,
  • Prioritize their expenses,
  • Create a meaningful budget,
  • Discover new methods for stretching their limited resources,
  • Understand how to use credit effectively and
  • Learn about the effects of bankruptcy, and what other options are available to them.

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