Protecting & Nurturing Children & Youth

Catholic Youth Organization (CYO)

CYO supports and coordinates parish-based youth programs – spiritual, cultural, and athletic – that foster the growth of each young person. CYO is best known for its sports programs in which nearly 3,000 Dutchess County youth participate each year. CYO also holds annual art and essay contests. 

CYO Mission

The mission of CYO is to provide the highest quality programs to our young people. We are committed to provide these programs based on integrity, fair play and the right of all individuals to participate. We view our responsibility as extending far beyond the mere teaching of athletic skills. Our programs offer the opportunity to develop moral standards in all of our young people.

The administration and staff of CYO will do everything in our power to act in the best interest of our participants and our programs. CYO has the final authority to make all decisions regarding player eligibility and rules and regulations.

“The Catholic Youth Organization strives to develop values and strength of character in tomorrow’s leaders through spiritually based athletic, cultural and volunteer activities.”

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