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Immigrant Women

Bilingual Groups for Immigrant Women

Kinship Circles of Support is a safe place for Spanish speaking, immigrant women to learn about and discuss personal and community issues. This group is a safe space for those who have been (or are still), suffering in loneliness, need to feel a part of the community and / or have a lack of resources

Since 2019 CCCSDC has been subrecipient for a Department of Health grant from Sun River Health.

Responsibilities of Subrecipient Organization to Sun River Health are:

  • Provide community-based outreach targeting the Spanish-speaking immigrant population of Eastern Dutchess County, to increase the understanding and ability of this population to access a variety of services.
  • Provide programming, the Kinship Circles of Support, targeting new immigrants in Eastern Dutchess County.
  • Support Eastern Dutchess Rural Health Network work plan activities.
  • Attend EDRHN coalition meetings as scheduled.


Originally held in person monthly at each site – Millerton, Dover Plains, Millbrook, and Pawling, the Kinship groups expanded and combined via zoom.

Presentations by guest speakers are around civic engagement, educational institutions, health, physical activity, nutrition, counseling resources, immigration, and changes to current benefits and entitlements.

Facilitated by one of our bilingual case managers, members are urged to share with friends, family, and neighbors any information learned.

Participant access to the program has increased throughout Dutchess County since beginning operations through zoom. Groups are also more accessible, now scheduled in the evening so as not to conflict with work, transportation issues or childcare needs.

The on-going array of case management services and resources offered by CCCSDC are available for Kinship member households as needed.

Is there a place women can sign up for this group? A place to link to?