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Senior Services

Senior Health Supports Program and Case management:

In 2022 Catholic Charities Community Services of Dutchess County was awarded a one-year grant from Field Hall Foundation to establish the “Senior Health Supports Program.” We have been able to continue these services through subsequent Al Smith grant funding.

Recognizing that many of the seniors contacting CCCSDC for emergency assistance (rental, utilities, food) were doing so after a medical, dental, or mental health crisis, this program was created. (Most had assumed state coverage alone would suffice in all instances.)

Quoting a Senior Licensed Medicare Advisor and advocate, who partners with CCCSDC on this program, the below issues abound when it comes to entitlements for seniors:

  • Confusion regarding Medicare vs Social Security benefits.
  • Confusion regarding how enrollment and enrollment options work.
  • Confusion on what is or is not covered.
  • Confusion over retirement age changes not being consistent between agencies.
  • Confusion regarding employer obligations to employees.
  • Lack of clarity, updated information, and understanding of the rules, even within the agencies administering funds.


Through outreach, case manager run food pantry services and collaborations with knowledgeable health care providers, we alleviate food insecurity and address current (and potential future) health needs for Dutchess County seniors, particularly those most isolated and vulnerable.

  • Objective 1: We provide home delivered food items to seniors.
    Selecting from our special needs (hypertension / diabetes) or regular food pantry, and augmented with same day-fresh produce, seniors may schedule a set # of deliveries. Additional long-term and ongoing community resources are put in place right away, as needed.
  • Objective 2: We coordinate full access to all possible healthcare options.
    Through education, partnerships, and advocacy, CCCSDC staff ensure clients have the opportunity to take charge of their health and have access to obtain healthcare information as needed.
  • Objective 3: Seniors will receive food and healthcare support.
  • Objective 4: Workshops and tabling events are offered to provide health insurance and other information. Includes opportunities for seniors to connect socially.


BA is a 79-year-old single female. A retired school guidance counselor, she was referred to Catholic Charities, Dutchess, via ex-colleagues, when she fell behind on utilities and rent.

Several years ago, BA had been involved in a road traffic accident leaving her wheelchair bound.

During an initial phone call our Senior Health Supports coordinator learned BA was seeking $850 for rent and $200 for Central Hudson because she had recently hired a home health aide, for whom she was paying out of pocket. Food and other items were also needed.

The day after BA reached out, our Senior Health Supports coordinator, along with another Case Manager, completed a home visit.

Food pantry items, a ShopRite gift card and Stewart’s gas cards were brought to her home.

Over the next weeks several home visits took place. The coordinator discussed the process of obtaining a home health aide via insurance and informed BA that transportation might also be available the same way. Documentation was obtained regarding outstanding bills. BA’s physician provided a letter confirming medical needs.

Once approved by the CCCSDC Executive Director, both rent, and utility payments were processed. The coordinator worked with BA on ways to lower her utility usage going forward. An introduction was made to our partner Medicare advisor, Nancy, who reviewed the case in full. BA stated “I am so happy to have called the Medicare advisor. She was wonderful, informative, and led me to the correct insurance to cover all of my medical needs.”

BA received Adopt-a-Family Christmas gifts 2022, courtesy of generous CCCSDC donors. Her case will remain open until the home health assistance through her insurance, expected to start any day now, is securely in place.