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Catholic Charities

Who We Are

Incorporated in 2012 Catholic Charities Community Services of Dutchess Inc. (CCCSDC) is committed to providing help for families and individuals throughout all Dutchess County.

Our Story & Vision

Catholic Charities Community Services of Dutchess County strives to build a more just and caring Dutchess County by providing comprehensive high quality human services to our neighbors of all religions, particularly the poor and vulnerable.

Board of Directors

Staff & Board

Staff of CCCSDC cover a wide array of cultural backgrounds and even countries of origin. All are experts in their field. Crucially, all staff must exhibit a desire to work with low income, disenfranchised clients regardless of race, religion and gender in a way that is consistent with our philosophy of respect and empowerment.



CCCSDC is proud to collaborate with partners and agencies throughout the County. Funding partnerships through grants and Foundations, action partnerships through task forces, Coalitions and networking, and direct service partnerships all reflect our commitment to working as a community to help those in need.



Grant and Foundation applications and reporting are diverse and ongoing. Parish support and private donations are key in enabling program and client financial aid.



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