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Hotline for Help

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case management

Case Management & Crisis Intervention

Everyday our bi-lingual hotline – (845) 499-1597 – has many calls from neighbors in crisis, seeking to meet basic needs. All calls, if not picked up immediately, are returned the same business day. Being able to speak to a person directly, as opposed to leaving voicemail, is huge for those looking for help and speaks to the sense of urgency we, too, feel.

All requests for assistance are triaged by the bilingual staff, and the Executive Director. All non-emergency new requests for services are assigned as received and reviewed in case conference weekly.

Subsequent interventions may be defined as case assistance (up to 30 days), targeted case management (30 days to 6 months) or comprehensive case management (over 6 months.) In each instance housing stability, increased income, improved education or employment and improved well-being, quality of life or safety are the major considerations.

Many clients looking for help have experienced a particular event – a health crisis (for themselves or family member), reduced or lost employment, a transportation issue, a relationship break-up, or a bereavement. Impact from any of these situations requiring unforeseen expense is calamitous. The average income for clients in case management is $18,013 annually. As late fees pile on, and cost of living increases, recovery without assistance is impossible.

Hundreds of Dutchess County households avoid the trauma of eviction and avoid the despair of financial pitfalls because of CCCSDC interventions. Although presenting issues are mostly housing related, for them food insecurity, medical needs and emotional support needs are almost universal.

  • Walk-ins may be at our Poughkeepsie office or satellite locations.
  • Referrals are often from one of our many collaborative partner agencies.
  • In each instance housing stability, increased income, improved education or employment and improved well-being, quality of life or safety are the major considerations.

We directly assist by providing:

  • Rental assistance
  • Utility assistance
  • Food
  • Transportation to non-emergency medical appointments, labs, physical therapy, dentists, and same-day-surgical procedures
  • Assistance with grocery shopping, either for or with seniors
  • Visiting/keeping company with isolated, lonely seniors
  • Telephone reassurance
  • Respite for primary caregivers
  • Visa cash / debit cards, store cards, gas cards
  • Budgeting guidance
  • Benefit assistance
  • Personal care items / household goods
  • Clothing
  • Furniture
  • Transportation assistance / car repair payment
  • Counseling
  • Immigration
  • Seasonal goods — such as school supplies, “Adopt-a-Family / St. Nicholas ” Christmas gifts, food drives, clothing drives

We collaboratively assist by bringing in partner agencies and by covering related costs where applicable:

  • Medical / dental / vision services
  • Mental health services
  • Legal assistance
  • Educational programming
  • Employment training and placement
  • Home safety and repairs
  • Counseling
  • Domestic Violence services


Where obstacles exist, (e.g., cost, access to transportation, childcare needs, physical or mental barriers) or where it would simply “make life easier” for the client, home visits are scheduled, regardless of location, throughout Dutchess County. Food, store and gas cards, toiletries, cleaning supplies and other needed items are routinely delivered during home visits.

CCCSDC services may be accessed via our bilingual hotline, (845) 499-1597, via office phones (845) 452-1400 and by email.